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Happiest Place on Earth During The Holidays

Any time is a good time to visit Disneylnad, the happies place on earth. However, Christmas and the holidays are over the top as the parks are trandofrmed to a magical winter wonderland. Add to that the Diamond Celebration, and you have something out of this world. The magic will begin on November 13 and continue until January 6, 2016.

With the extra added magic, of course comes the extra long lines and extra crowds. The little kiddos will surely get overwhelmed and fussy. With exhuberant costs, you'll want to make sure you get the most out of each day you visit the parks. Below are some suggestions to keep you sane and the little mouseketeers happy as you navigate the corwds and the long lines.

1) Be prepared for the unexpected: Bring extra pair of clothes for the kids and yourself, unless you don't mind spending a fortune on Disney clothing...and be sure to pack lots of plastic bags just in case anyone ends up needing a wardrobe change.

2) Pack snacks: You can spend $6 or $7 on a bag of grapes or carrots, but why. Packing your snacks is a great way to save as much as $100 per day for a family of 4.

3) Shop before you get there: Give each child an opportunity to earn money before you get to Anaheim. Then, head to Walart for great Disney merchandise at near free prices. Their earned money will go way further and you will avoid having to spend $25 or more for a small stuffed animal. Added bonus- no waiting in line to pay.

4) Freez water: Put bottled water in the freezer the night before and voila, you have cold water for the park and ice pack for your fruits.

5) Come back to your vacation home for lunch: Why not save over $20 per person on lunch and avoid the long lines by walking back to your house. You can enjoy lunch in the pool away from the corwds, the little ones can take their much needed naps, and you can prepare dinner for the return.

6) Chargers: Unless you are fine being unconnected, dont forget your phone chargers.

7) Phone Number: Write your cell phone number on the arm of each child incase they are separated from you.

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