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Exciting New Changes At Disneyland

Major changes are coming to Disneyland as it begins making room for the Star Wars themed area. By shutting down a number of popular attractions for nearly a year, Disneyland is making way for the new spectacular theme. This is artwork released by Disneyland showing what the revamped riverfront will look like once completed. With several waterfalls, the river will be shorter, but the rides that run along it will return, including Mark Twain, the Sailing Ship Colombia and Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes.

For now, the Fantasmic nighttime show is also on hold.

The new Star Wars area will encompass the Big Thunder Ranch, which included a petting zoo and an outdoor restaurant. Two rides will take over in its place. The first ride will be set in the world of the film trilogy. The second attraction will have visitors behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon. Concept art of the new land shows a Millennium Falcon docked in front of towering buildings built into sheer cliffs.

Opening day has not been set yet by Disneyland, but whatever the end product, we are sure it will amuse and entertain all the ages.

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