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Top 13 family Summer Destinations In USA

U.S. News Travel published their top 13 Best Family Summer Vacations for the year.

As summer nears, a very important question looms in the minds of the young and the younger - What are we doing for summer vacation. Indeed a tough

question to answer when you have all different ages and gender making up your family of 4 or 5. Add to that extended family, and it is a perfect setting for a disaster waiting to happen, before you even go on vacation.

Below are great summer family travel ideas to keep the peace during the planning stages and insure for a memorable summer vacation for all from US News Travel.

In order to provide recommendations for a family vacation in the USA, U.S. News gathered a list of destinations that have been praised by experts for offering kid-friendly entertainment and reasonable rates. We then asked our readers to help us pick the top places in the country to visit as a family. The list below includes a variety of family vacation ideas based on votes from thousands of travelers; we hope you find these ideas helpful when planning your next trip, and we invite you to cast your vote for your favorite places below.

Read The article here

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