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Inspiration for Your Next Family Trip


Happy New Year!

You may have already given a lot of thought into your 2015 summer vacation plans. Or if you’re like most people, you have no clue and are looking for some inspiration or adventure. Be honest, did you just think to yourself that Disneyland with kids in tow was all the adventure you needed from your last trip to the happiest place on earth? especially during the peak summer months, with 100 degree temperatures and 2 hour lines for Cars Land, Space Mountain or for that special kodak moment with Mickey Mouse? If you have managed to conquer Disneyland under these circumstances, you’re already half way there to having your next best adventure vacation!

Here are a few adventurers, competing for the title of “2015 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year” that we hope will inspire you for your next family trip. For a decade, National Geographic has awarded the title to individuals with extraordinary achievements in exploration, adventure sports, conservation and humanitarianism. Although we believe you “almost” deserve the award ~ after all running from It’s a small world to pirates of the caribbean with 6 kids, an aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa is an “adventure sport” and “space mountain” offers plenty of space “exploration.” You might come up a little short in the 2 other categories, “conservation” and “humanitarianism” while at Disneyland, however, who’s checking? Not us, that is for sure.

We hope you enjoy the video, read about each finalist and if you so feel compelled, you may vote once per day for your favorite until January 31, 2015.

If you would rather stick with Disneyland for your adventures for a few more years, Vacation Homes Orange County offers beautiful furnished homes for all your vacation needs directly across Disneyland. Our 4 bedroom pool homes are beautifully decorated and stocked with everything you need to make yourself at home~ just bring your clothes and toothbrush.

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