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No Ghosts or Skeletons Offered Here

With only an umbrella at hand, Mickey is left vulnerable to the wild elements of the storm. To escape, he seeks refuge in a deserted house. Unbeknowst to him, the haunted house is home to ghosts and skeletons. Grim Reaper appears and orders him to entertain the ghosts and skeletons by playing music. Too terrified to argue, Mickey begins to play the piano and the joyfull Skeletons begin dancing. In an attempt to escape, every room he opens reveals more skeletons. Left without an option, Mickey jumps out of a window. But again, an outhouse reveals more skeletons, leaving him no choice but to run off in the distance in the elements of the storm.

We promise, Vacation Homes Orange County is your home away from home, Without the ghosts and skeletons. Enjoy 4 bedroom pool homes, stocked with all the essentials, at the cost of 2 hotel rooms.

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