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What do you look for when choosing a beach vacation rental? The distance from the home/condo to the beach is a top priority to many as they want ocean front or view. But did you know that there are other details to consider when renting a beach house or condo that is directly across the street from the beach?

One example is how far from the home/condo is the nearest crosswalk. You may be directly across the beach, but if you have to walk half a mile to reach the nearest crosswalk to cross a busy street with your young surfers, that substantially alters the true location of the property. The home is still considered across the street from the beach, but now your walk to the beach is actually 1 mile....Not exactly what you thought you had rented. With coolers, towels, umbrella, beach toys and kids in tow, 1 mile walk will seem like it is far beyond the horizon.

Before putting a deposit down on a home advertised as "across the street" from the beach or Disneyland, always ask for the property address. Google it and zoom in satellite view. Look for sidewalks or for the nearest cross walk. You may also look for any undesirable buildings near the rental that may be a bothersome, such as large commercial buildings or busy shopping centers. Viewing a map in satellite view gives you a much better picture of your rental location than mapping alone.

Satellite view our properties to see how close they are to Disneyland

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