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We're All Mad Here

Cheshire Cat, with a permanent smile on his face, can disappear at will. He is very clever, being able to reshape his body to frighten or amuse his visitors. Just like the rest of the members in the movie Alice In The Wonderland, he too is mad. He happens to bethe maddest and craziest of all the characters in the Wonderland. In the movie, he shows kindness and sympathy towards Alice by helping her choose which path to take home. However, his true motives are to constantly cause mishaps and purposely have the Queen angered at Alice. At the end of the movie, it is questionable if he helps Alice get home by causing the Queen's anger to explode.

This is a great classic sure to be enjoyed by all.

Cheshire Cat greets you at Vacation Homes Orange County Property 2

Across from Disneyland.

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