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Halloween Treats To Trick Your Monsters

If your goblin is like any other typical goblin during halloween, it will be quite difficult to inject their blood streams with healthy snacks. The only thing your little monster is going to chase is a snicker bar or starburst or m&m or any number of other sugary treats that provide them enough empty calories to last a lifetime. To help your little monsters and witches make better food choices during these very difficult and tempting times, offer them healthy choices disguised so well that even your little space alien will fall under their spell and want to have some. Try the creepy eyeball mozzarella over basil or the spooky spider celery stick. How about the cheesiest witches broom or the melon monster. These are super easy and great fun to make, very nutritious and perfect to satisfy any ghost or frankenstein. They are perfect to have around as after school snacks or to be enjoyed at a halloween party. Either way, they are sure to be a hit.

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