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Paria Canyon ~ One of the Most Breathtaking Natural Creations

Regardless of where you live, you don't have to venture out too far to see some of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural phenomena's or creations in the world. In a multi-part series, a few of these places from all over the world will be shared, ones that should definitely be added to your bucket list.

To start with, not too far from the happiest place on earth is Paria Canyon, Arizona. Formed over 85 million years as different layers of limestone were worn away, this 112,500 majestic acres is located in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The twisted sandstone, resembling deformed pillars, cones, and mushrooms is a spectacular wonderland fascinating to the mind and eyes. With its beauty know nationwide, it is one of the longest and deepest group of canyons in the world with colorful, winding corridors of stone, narrow gorges, and stunning display of seven major geologic formations.

A variety of wildlife, including bald eagles, falcon, red-tailed hawk, swallows, and killdeer nest on the sheer walls or sand beaches. Occasionally, you will see a bobcat, porcupines, fox, and mountain lion. Lizards, rattlesnakes and other reptiles also call the canyon home. Hiking is the main attraction, although camping, photography, and canoeing, are also enjoyed. The average hike to the wave and back is 5.5 miles, taking 6 hours round trip. Permits are required to hike- be sure to look at the website The U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management. Best time to visit is in the spring and fall.

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