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Who Would Have Known!

Who would have known that a few dozen participants of the first ever Dapper Day at Disneyland in 2011 would grow into a biannual extravaganza with more than 10,000 Disney fans in attendance. Although this fashion infused event that takes place in Anaheim, Orlando and Paris is all about dressing from the past, the concept blossomed thanks to today’s concept of social media. Thanks to all the social networking and word-of-mouth, Dapper Day typically encompasses many informal meet-ups throughout the parks and separate events within the main event, like the parties and expos.

If you are still wondering what is Dapper Day, wonder no more. On this special day, Dapper participants look like they came right out of a 1950’s and 1960’s movie set, reflecting a time when Disney parks attendees dressed in their sunday best-classic and timeless.

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