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Tips For Traveling With Young Kids

Stamp them: Traveling through busy airports can be very stressful. In bold, write your mobile phone number on your child's arm in case you get separated.

  1. Be prepared for the unexpected: Bring extra pair of clothes for the kids and yourself for the plane ride...and be sure to pack lots of plastic bags just in case anyone ends up needing a wardrobe change.

  2. Remember the baby wipes: Even if you no longer have a need to pack 10,000 diapers, don't forget the baby wipes. They come in "handy" for washing little hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down surfaces.

  3. Be prepared to play nurse: When traveling with kids, always assume there will be a need for Band-Aids, antihistamines, and pain killers.

  4. All of my favorite things: Have each child bring a small backpack filled with their toys, books and goodies for the flight.

  5. Burn some energy: While waiting to board, let the kids walk around and burn some energy, as they will be sitting still for a long while in the plane or car.

  6. Let their voices be heard: You have already decided where you want to go and what you want to do-why not let them create the daily calendar. As your family's official "tour guide," they can work on your daily schedule during the flight.

  7. Keep record: Once in the air or on the road, give them a gift bag filled with a journal, pen/markers. Ask them to draw pictures of anything interesting they see on the trip. Triangular crayons work best on flights as they are less likely to roll off the seat tray.

  8. Say cheese: Giving kids their own disposable or child friendly camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them. You may be suprised at the view of the world from their angle.

  9. In case all else fails: Have a new wrapped toy ready. A new toy will hold their attention far more than a toy that has been dearly loved and see better days. Remember to introduce new toys slowly over the course of the trip.

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