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The Year Was 1964. Walt Disney was visiting the New York’s Worlds Fair VIP lounge of a corporate sponsor. There, the idea of having his own VIP lounge within Disneyland was born.

Upon his return, Walt immediately began work on his private lounge, that special place where he could entertain visiting dignitaries and others in a quiet, serene environment where superb cuisine was served in a beautifully decorated dining rooms. After years of planning, Club 33, a members-only exclusive club, opened its doors next to the Blue Bayou restaurant, in May 1967, sadly 5 months after Walt’s untimely death.

With annual dues of $11,000, members were entitled to entrance to Disneyland, exclusive entertainment amenities and access to the only alcohol served in the park.

Named after its address, 33 Royal Street, Disneyland, Club 33 holds a wide array of magnificent antiques and original artwork collected by Walt himself during family vacations to New Orleans, along with movie memorabilia from his films. The club recently went through a six month expansion, adding a new entrance from the former L’Ornement Magique holiday decoration store, kitchen and Jazz-inspired lounge. The grand re-opening was on July 18, 2014. The hidden club is only marked by a “33” sign next to a locked green door.

If you’re interested in dining at Club 33, unfortunately you would have to either be a member or know someone who is a member and can make a reservation on your behalf. Don’t know any members, it may be a while before you may join as the waiting list goes back decades, a waiting list that is possibly the slowest moving waiting list in the world. Once your name comes up to join, be prepared to spend a one time initiation fee of $25,000 and an annual membership fee of $10,000.

Vacation Homes Orange County unfortunately can not make reservations on your behalf at Club 33, however we do offer fully stocked kitchens with everything needed to bring out the chef in you!

Vacation Homes Orange County offers beautiful furnished homes for all your vacation needs directly across Disneyland. Our 4 bedroom pool homes are beautifully decorated and stocked with everything you need to make yourself at home~ just bring your clothes and toothbrush.

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