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July 4th, 2014 Independence Day Celebration - Disney Style

Every year, Disneyland offers a special fireworks show for Independence Day. To celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave, Disney showers the skies above Disneyland with inspirational fireworks show of red, white and blue to the tunes of patriotic music. The special show is offered July 1– 4 at 9:25 pm. The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band, a military band from Miramar, California, will be performing several times throughout the day in Disneyland on Friday, July 4, 2014. In the evening, the full band will perform on the stage of the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, starting at 7:15 pm. At California Adventure, a July 4 Independence Day World of Color pre-show will run prior to the 9:00 pm and 10:15 pm showings of World of Color. To create a spectacular celebration of American independence, the pre-show combines video, water effects, lighting and fireworks.

Visiting the parks anyday of the year is tiring, but on Independence Day, it can be grueling. Disneyland usually reaches full capacity at some point during the day on July 4th. They will not admit, or re-admit, any more guests once the capacity is reached..even if you have a ticket, even if you are staying at a Disney resort and even if you have dinner reservations in the park. If the park is full, it is full. No one will be allowed in once maximum capacity is reached per fire codes.

For that reason, sort out the night before what you will need to bring with you to the park, such as sweaters, jackets or extra clothing for the kids. Arrive early in the morning, before the park opens, and stay inside the same park all day. Once inside, head straight for the lockers to store evening attire as lockers will sell out as well. Next, unless you don't mind a 2 hour line by noon, head straight to fastpass for your favorite ride. To save time and energy, one person can get fastpasses for everyone, as the rest of your group waits in line for a ride that does not offer fastpass. Your fastpass runner, or in this case hero, can join the rest of the group in line and experience the first ride with everyone - fast passes in hand for the next ride. This way, you are sure to ride 2 of your favorite rides on the busiest day of the year. offers beautiful fully furnished vacation pool homes across the street from Disneyland.

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