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How Old Were You When These Were Around?

Remember these tickets? They were around not that long ago, well maybe a few decades and perhaps before many of you were born. Disneyland called them “Coupons,” but guests called them “tickets” because the coupons were sold in ticket books. Over the years, the type of ticket required for a ride changed and rides were bumped from one category to the next, but the beginning of the end of “A” through “E” tickets came when Magic Mountain, now Six Flags Magic Mountain, opened in 1971. Six Flags sold an all-inclusive admission ticket for $5.00. Disneyland tickets were phased out in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Initially, Magic Kingdom Club members could buy unlimited passports. Then the option was rolled out to other guests. “A” through “E” tickets were eliminated altogether in June 1982, when the only form of admission to Disneyland was to purchase an all-inclusive passport. After the ride tickets were eliminated, guests could apply unused tickets towards the cost of passports. To this day, Disneyland still allows guests to apply those old tickets toward the purchase of a new admission ticket, but they will not amount to much savings. Although the used tickets are priceless as keepsakes, collectors seek and pay good money for completely unused ticket books-with park admission still attached-so if you think you have any unused old tickets buried in a treasure chest collecting dust in the basement or attic, might be a good idea to dig them out and frame them in a collectors box.

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