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Soccer or Football, No Matter What You Call It - It's Not Just For The Humans!

Soccer or Football, no matter what you call it, the fever is here. The World Cup finals, which take place every four years, is set this year for June 12 to July 13, 2014. Held in Brazil, 32 national teams will compete in the tournament, with billions of people watching worldwide. The last one, in 2010, was held in South Africa, and Spain won.

Worldwide, enthusiastic fans plan their life around the month long games as they tune in to support their favorite teams. The anticipation of winning the World Cup or the lesser dream of just defeating the rival country, can come crushing down in a split-second. Joy, despair, fear, hope, love and anger, all displayed simultaneously by fans as they clinch to one another or to their favorite flag. Riding an emotional roller coaster is putting it mildly. So much excitement, thrusting fans from one extreme to the other, leaving them exhausted and drained, as if they were the ones playing the game.

Those intense feelings during the games are not only for the humans. Mickey Mouse’s love of the game is displayed in “O Futebol Classico,” as his dreams, his desires and intent on watching the championship games in Brazil, is put in jeopardy when his view is blocked. His endless attempts at finding a better seat continuously get him into more trouble. offers beautiful fully furnished vacation pool homes across the street from Disneyland.

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